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My mixed-media art delves into the realm of iconic characters - captivating figures who defy convention and who have shaped and impacted our lives. These renegades, come from diverse backgrounds in art, music, entertainment, and politics.  They are both contemporary and historical figures, but each has left an indelible mark in their respective fields – good or bad.

I create figurative silhouettes with a raw, street art-inspired aesthetic and invite viewers to delve into the narratives behind these influential figures. Viewing the works from afar, the iconic individuals are easily recognizable.  Yet, on closer examination the true essence of the person is revealed.  Background details provide glimpses of their life journey - their triumphs, struggles, and the complexities of their character.


My artistic process is one of both homage and criticism of the renegades I paint.  I seek to celebrate the hero’s rebellious trailblazing spirit but I also mock and criticize the rogues. Within my work, I aim to capture not just the outward appearance of the individuals, but also the essence of defiance, resilience, and their true character

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