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Year-2020 Title-Blue Solitude Size-18x24 Medium-Acrylic on paper.JPEG

Welcome to Taylored Art… the online studio of Darren Taylor!

I have been painting for several decades. My works are typically created on canvas & paper using acrylics, pastels, ink, and other mixed medias.


Originally from Nova Scotia Canada, I have been fortunate to have lived and traveled globally for over 30 years. This global exposure has influenced my life and the art work I create.    


As you browse my eclectic online gallery, I trust you will be reminded of the art genres resembling the Expressionist of the 1920s, the mid-century Abstract artists and the Neo-Expressionists of the 1980s & current era.


I currently maintain studios in New Hampshire and Palm Springs California.



-Darren Taylor

“ With art… it’s not what  I see … it’s what you see…”

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